USPS Tracking Numbers:

Below is tracking information. If you have purchased from us, you will find your customer order number within your e-mail receipt. You can use this customer order number to correspond with the tracking numbers posted on below, and these numbers can be entered on the tracking companies website's, which are listed next to the tracking numbers. Depending on varying circumstances, including location, country, and time of year, different orders will be shipped using different services. These tracking sites will be able to show you where your order is from when it is shipped to when it is delivered to your door step by step, and will allow you to get a more accurate idea of when to expect delivery. If you have purchased your order more than 1 week ago, and you do not see your order information below, please contact us.

    All Shipping List:
  NO2084 1755196380 DHL
  NO2089 1867355140 DHL
  NO2090 1867390136 DHL
  NO3145 2457966136 DHL
  NO3169 5881330652 DHL
  NO3179 4118261836 DHL
  NO3181 6919949385 DHL
  NO3183 8049687682 DHL
  NO3188 280307536434 fedex
  NO3191 280174466208 fedex
  NO3192 281001811900 fedex
  NO1949 5860032872 DHL
  NO3200 281720807614 fedex
  NO2066 5994221052 DHL
  NO3203 282140627005 fedex
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USPS tracking numbers can also be tracked via EMS . Some of these orders were very recently shipped out, and do not show up immediately on shipping companies website's. Please allow at least 48 - 96 hours after the information is posted to allow the information to show on the shipping companies website's. These are only the most recent orders, these will be updated each week. These are only the most recent, if you do not see your tracking number here, please CONTACT US .